Who is the leader in smartphone shipments?

The average sales price and shipments in the global smartphone market reached the lowest figure at 23 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, it increased by 10 percent in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period last year. Again, looking at the numbers, there was a decline of up to 15 percent in the smartphone industry’s revenue overall. Smartphone Shipments and Figures Announced:

Smartphone shipments announced

Counterpoint has announced its new smartphone numbers. Figures Apple would be the biggest winner this year. Looking at the numbers, we see that while many technology giants have outpaced the decline, Apple has experienced a 3 percent increase in shipments and 2 percent in iPhone revenues.

For 5G shipments, the numbers are surprising. In the second quarter, 5G devices accounted for 10 percent of total shipments and 20 percent of revenue. This is because the new and 5G compatible flagship phones and models from Samsung, such as the OnePlus 8 series 5G, are in high demand.

China covers 72 percent of 5G shipments and Huawei is currently leading the way.


It is said that the reason for the increasing demand for high-quality phones is that people are generally entering more areas such as education, business, games and entertainment with their phones.

For example, a user likes games and spends hours playing mobile games. These types of users need to look at battery performance, RAM as well as the frame rate of the screen. Consequently, the high performance of these functions means that the person turns to the flagship when choosing a phone.

Looking at global shipment revenue shares in the second quarter of 2020, Apple takes the top spot at 34 percent. Huawei is 20 percent, Samsung 17 percent, Vivo 7 percent and Oppo 6 percent.

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