Woman held 'hostage' on road after claims she splashed pedestrians

A woman from Nottingham claims she was “shocked” when a man jumped in front of her car and held her “hostage” while claiming she splashed him after driving over a puddle.

Nottinghamshire Live reported that the incident occurred on January 2 on Valley Road near the junction with Radford Road in Basford and the police were called.

Jelena Verdi, 38, of Arnold, claims she was driving home from London when she was accused of splashing two pedestrians, which she denies.

She said the couple prevented her from pulling away from a traffic light when they “yelled at and yelled” at her.

The standoff lasted about 20 minutes and caused “chaos” with traffic jams before the police arrived.

Ms. Vardi said, “It happened because someone tried to accuse me of splashing them with water on my way home – which I didn’t. I was held hostage by these people for about 20 minutes.

“Then the police came and said to me, ‘People are soaked, so you can go and apologize for what you did – and then it’s over.’

“I told them I didn’t. If I had, I would have liked to have been, but I didn’t because I was going from one traffic light to another at 20 mph. I’m an experienced one Driver and I know when I run into a puddle.

“They screamed and yelled at me.”

Ms. Verdi said she visited Broxtowe Police Station with her lawyer later that night. She apologized to the two pedestrians, which meant the matter was resolved.

But she added, “These two people made it up.

“You may have been splashed a bit because the road was wet, but I certainly haven’t splashed anyone.

“You literally bullied me throughout the whole thing. I felt hurt.”

Inspector Gordon Fenwick of the City West Police Team said: “Officers were called to Valley Road, Basford after a driver deliberately drove through a puddle and splashed two pedestrians who subsequently attempted to prevent the driver from leaving the scene.

“The driver took part in a voluntary police interview and apologized to the two pedestrians. The apology was accepted and the pedestrians did not want to continue the matter. “

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