Woman loses 7 stone after shame of being too big for theme park rollercoasters

A woman lost seven stones because she was too big to ride on an amusement park rollercoaster.

Antonia Mulvaney struggled with her weight at a young age, climbing to over 20 stones after her diet got out of hand.

The 28-year-old said her diet consists mostly of snacks, from pizza to kebab and convenience food, the Liverpool Echo Reports.

But the final straw came when she was turned away from two roller coasters at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and felt “humiliated”.

Antonia said she knew something had to change after her seat belt wasn’t buckled around her on the Big One and Revolution roller coasters.

She said, “You have these tiny little entrances to get into the rides. I struggled through the turnstiles and then when I got to the drive lane the bar came down but I have a seat belt and” basically the seat belt didn’t go near me.

“They come down and check that everyone is buckled up and I didn’t even notice the seat belt at first, I just got in and pulled the bar down.

“It was the most humbling experience of my life. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

“I tried to take another trip and the same thing happened – I couldn’t go on.”

Antonia, of Whiston on Merseyside, said it was the first time her weight had prevented her from doing anything.

She added, “I had never been to Blackpool before, I always wanted to go and when I left I couldn’t take any of the rides so I just thought, ‘No, I can’t go on like this. ‘

“I went to the doctor and they told me I was prediabetic. That was another motivation to go back to Slimming World.”

Antonia said she was previously a member of Slimming World and decided to pursue the plan independently.

However, when unsuccessful, she decided to join a Slimming World group that her friend was a member of, and has not looked back since.

Within six months, Antonia has lost a staggering seven kilograms and six sizes of clothes. She now weighs 13 kg and is a size 12-14.

Antonia said, “I’m really proud of myself and happy because people who haven’t seen me in ages notice it and say, ‘Oh my god, don’t you look good, haven’t you lost weight’ – and honestly, that is better than any takeaway food could ever taste.

“The way I dress has also changed completely. I wear leggings and really big, baggy t-shirts to dresses and skirts and the like.

“My wardrobe has completely changed because I feel inside myself.

“I now cook all my food myself. I don’t think I bought anything ready-made – unless it’s a ready-made meal from Slimming World – in I don’t know how long.”

Antonia Mulvaney, 28, of Whiston, pictured before her incredible weight loss

Antonia added: “I would say that anyone who wants to join who is a little nervous takes the plunge because everyone is in the same boat there.

“Everyone has their ups and downs with it and everyone has their good and bad weeks and if it’s a win everyone will support you.

“They may give you ideas on how to put together your weekly menu and recipe ideas. When you have a bad week, there is always this support in the group.”

Antonia’s typical diet before and after losing weight

In front


McDonald’s breakfast – sausage and egg McMuffin with two hash browns

Having lunch

Thick white bread sandwich with chips and a carbonated drink


Take away pizza or an Indian or Chinese take away meal



Bran flakes

Having lunch

Chicken salad or an omelette


Homemade Spag Bol or Chili or a ready-made meal from Slimming World

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