BMW Announces All-Time Record 2021 Profit

Automobile giant BMW Group shared its data for the 2021 fiscal year and broke the all-time record in net profit item. The company announced that it made a profit of 12.5 billion euros in 2021. This number was $3.8 billion the previous year.

Chip manufacturers, who had to end their activities due to the coronavirus, and the unbalanced supply in this period, caused a major chip crisis around the world. The chip crisis, which caused disruptions in every sector that comes to mind, made itself felt especially in the automotive sector, causing many manufacturers to stop production.

On the other hand, some car brands had removed some of the standard features from their vehicles due to the chip crisis. One of these manufacturers was BMW. Due to the chip crisis, BMW decided to remove the touch screens in some of its models. So how well did the chip crisis and the measures taken against it work for BMW? Today, the answer to this question has been more than surprising.

Net profit increased by 223% compared to the previous year:

German automaker BMW shared earnings data for fiscal 2021 today. The company managed to break all-time records in revenue, earnings and net profit items in 2021. BMW Group has announced that it has made a total of 16 billion euros in revenue in 2021. The net profit of the company was announced as 12.5 billion euros. The company’s net profit in the previous year was 3.8 billion euros. Thus, BMW increased its profits by 223.1 percent in 2021.

However, the company also shared that it has experienced a great increase in automobile deliveries. According to the shared data, BMW delivered a total of 2 million 521 thousand 514 units worldwide, 8.4% more than last year. The company also shared that 13% of vehicle deliveries consist of electric cars.

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